Offensive snake lying dead in the stomach to see it through. You want to know what we want to see the video !! unbelievable!!

Offensive snake lying dead in the stomach to see it through. You want to know what we want to see the video !! Unbelievable !! Spread the snake lying dead in the stomach to see it through. You want to know what we want to see the video !! unbelievable!!

More than two-foot-long snake was slithering through windows amid panic over the life of the office. The rhythm of the animals does not stand a bittersweet way. Building officials came into the event with a big stick. After dodging each other for a while. Finally, there was a 2-3 drubbing at the timber and body length were removed.

The above events are the direct experience of the science team. ASTV- manager and several snakes that have faced the same fate when struck into the habitat of the people. As Science News subscribers and continuously. We could not have asked that. People and snakes to live together in peace or not?

We have to find answers to these issues, animal care reference guide. Natural History Museum National Science Museum (NSM). The five canal in Pathum Thani, which has a collection of sample reptile largest in the country. The amphibians than 20,000 samples representing 80% of amphibians, all of Thailand.

Sanchai unveiled reptile experts say snakes are mysterious creatures and prefer hiding. Most people I usually hit them both snake species in an ecosystem actually eat rats, which reproduce quickly. And becomes a problem if the snake missing from the field. It’s full of rats And would have cost a lot to get rid of.

Reptile experts from the Museum of Natural History tells us that there are two types of snake venom Thailand of a nerve poison. The sedative to make you drowsy, it’s hard to regain it as Krait Cobra Naja, etc., and the other is a poisonous snake that wound up destroying the blood rot like Rattlesnake Viper and so on.

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Snakes, poisonous water snake skull is soft, not aggressive.

Sanchai suggested how the cobra venom found release as observed on a rolled hood. Krait has a cylindrical body, but a triangle. Viper and Rattler look puffy cheeks and a bit short on details, but the snakes are usually shy animals and people very scared. If the bite is really imminent. Or if the person holding the snake.

“The poor are not poisonous snake species. But it’s going to hit it Both are only 10% of the viper “and said Sanchai said. Fine afraid to hurt the snake and it requires less knowledge about snakes. To distinguish whether a snake is venomous or non-venomous. But the United States has little information about the snake. These texts, which usually is in the library. People rarely read and picks

Today, the Museum of Natural pet snake is going to use it for about 20 exhibits on various occasions, including python and cobra snake albino cobra snake skull reminiscent Viper, etc. and also collected samples to study. The popular pickled snakes sample Piedras because storage sample as real as possible. But the color is pale It must be recorded before injection and preserved with formalin, 70% in foreign museums that collected this way still preserving them for 300-400 years is also used to dry samples. showcasing The need to treat it with mothballs and moth repellent beetles eat the carcass.

Know and understand the “snake” more.
Sanchai demonstration using a poisonous snake. (Pictured is the Cobra)

For Thailand recently studied snakes seriously about 30 years and have only two books, including texts Thailand with Western textbooks to study snakes in Thailand. And Southeast Asia was somewhat sporadic. The country has more than 300 species of snakes, 30 species of sea snakes about. This study is also the least because of sea snakes are poisonous snakes. People rarely interfere

“Sea snakes are a group that is less toxic. But toxic in high concentrations, Most of the fish to bite the bait. And innate fear is that larger animals tend to swim away to sea snakes studied mainly to capture the harbor. And merchants have come to buy movies. Sometimes he caught more than 100, and most of the same kind. Maybe the next mating nets drown because the snake must come up for air like a turtle. Then keep the air in the lungs, “Sanchai said sea snakes that we have little knowledge.

Those who specializes in snake venom is to give the Red Cross by the Pasteur Culture. Exhibit and production of snake serum. The production of snake venom serum is then injected the horse’s immune system. Then the blood to keep it dry. When dissolved in water and applied. Sanchai and I just have to get the serum after rattlesnake bite during gardening. Try and throw snakes out of the way.

Know and understand the “snake” more.
“Snake relentless” snake kids love this, because it is poisonous snake docile and mild, but not hurt.


serpiente colorida


serpiente verde

serpiente azul y rojo

After being bitten Sanchai motorcycle driver and the snake was beaten to death at the hospital so that doctors diagnosed correctly. But to get the serum to wait to see a doctor who attended the ninth hour, he said, people do not understand why when you go to the doctor after snakebite serum does not get away. It is snake venom serum Doctors need to see the signs and blood tests to make sure how much has been poisoned. Assays for the right amount. However, snakes are the very venomous cobra. Doctors may give the anti-venom serum little earlier.

“I went to the hospital to have three-afternoon serum was midnight. Because blood must check to ensure that the amount of blood to see how much poison. So far as the amount of venom serum was obtained. If not, it is more lethal injections. Because snake venom serum is enough, “the snake was poisonous snake bite first, but no bites countless experiences.

Reptile expert said symptoms after being bitten by a snake is poisonous heavy or light depending on the amount received. If the snake bites early usually get a lot of poison. Because just hunt snakes and poison the body. If the snake bites during dawn, often toxic to almost all. When releasing poisonous snakes, then take another week to produce a toxin to replace.

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Viper venom destroys the blood system.

However, Sanchai said the snakes to observe the cracks fang wounds. If the snake is not poisonous to canines have a uniform. But if a snake is a venomous fang marks two big front room and a doctor at a government hospital. Which are abundant in the serum of snakes that backed the local private hospitals often do not have much to spare. For those between the serum and storage costs. If stored without using it as wasteful spending.

In addition to the study of snakes, state agencies and the public, it has some popular pet snake. But those snakes are snakes from abroad. Because Thailand is quite fierce snake and Protection Law. Snakes and abroad to feed the snakes are fed continuously for many hours. Not very fierce

“Snakes are very popular pet python, which is more docile boa. We split the boa and python look at it from the head. The stripes on the body are unique is not the same at all. The Python is a triangle pattern cannon at the head of the short fat snake will overlap with a small black cross. The only limit on the head The body is long and thin, “Sanchai said.

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Ball Python is relatively tame.

Know and understand the “snake” more.
Python (a triangular head with a cannon), which is about to molt. And the snake is quite edgy. We noticed that the snake is going to molt or feeble eyes.

Know and understand the “snake” more.
Albino cobra hood spread to threaten

As mentioned, the breeding snakes, so we asked to rumors about Snake Green Mammy crazy. Who dropped out during the floods last year in which he explained that in 2554. Mamba resident living in the desert. Which is open And typically eat reptiles But if you fall in an environment of exotic food is not. But the fear is that even fast, but the snake is still a month off, however, if it now seems to be dead.

“The fear is that a snake crossing with Thailand snake species into the wild, the snakes. It is a fallacy because there are snakes organs prevent interbreeding. There is little or spiky features like lock and key. And the unique nature of this study, we used to identify the type of snake with “reptile expert NSM. Said.